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Off The Walls

‘Off The Walls’, NCCA’s VR group exhibition curated by Rita Macarounas with Lukas Bendel in charge of the VR Tech, Projection Mapping and Video Editing.  Artwork made by the use of VR has the uniqueness to be able, not only to express the precise moment of the subject matter’s form but the entire journey of its creation.

Our viewers will be immersed in a moving story! My aspiration as the curator of this show is to engage our audience in a novel experience using high tech creatively. Virtual reality is the creation of a virtual environment, in this case, artwork, presented to our senses in such a way that we experience it as if we were actually there while it was created by the artists.

Seven local Artists, Bill Davies, Benita Mills Christian Bok, Jimmy Bamble, Jonathon Saunders, Kaye Strange, & Kelly Vains have created artworks with the use of Virtual Reality (VR). It was for the majority of the artists an inaugural encounter with this medium. I asked the participating artists to contribute one sentence with regards to their VR experience; ‘Loved it, VR has unlimited possibilities and no mess.’ Jimmy Bamble ‘VR has opened up new ways to explore and develop art.

I also see it as an invaluable tool for animators and filmmakers for visual development and to tell unique stories,’ John Saunders. ‘Almost conquered the nausea, now to conquer Tilt Brush’, Bill Davies. ‘Creatively interacting in a three-dimension environment is a full sensory experience, which is both fascinating and fun, as you explore and manipulate the medium in new and exciting ways’, Kelly Vains. ‘I have taken a leap into the virtual, three-dimensional space of art-making. An experience that has exploded my perception and attachment to traditional medium’, Kaye Strange.

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