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  • When we're open
    Monday: closed Tuesday: closed Wednesday: 10am -4pm Thursday: 10am – 4pm Friday: 10am – 4pm Saturday: 8am – 2pm Sunday: closed
  • How to get here
    Public transport access The best bus to catch from the city centre is Route #4, which has a stop about 300m away from our gallery. Click here for a timetable, and here for a map. Parking access and drop off There is plenty of parking (including disabled/parent parking) at the Parap Village, as well as ample street parking in surrounding suburbs.
  • Wheelchair access
    NCCA is wheelchair accessible, however our main entrance currently comprises a flight of six steps. The gallery has a side entrance with a ramp, which is utilised for wheelchair access. NCCA staff will assist you in accessing the gallery via the side entrance, by operating the roller door. Please call our friendly team on (08) 8981 5368 to receive assistance operating this door- there will always be a staff member in the gallery during opening hours.
  • Gallery floorplan and description
    The main entrance of NCCA is up a flight of six steps. This entry includes a single glass door which opens inwards. This door is not power assisted so may be heavy. When suitable, this door is propped open. The width of the doorway is 92cm. The main gallery and screening room are situated on ground level. The gallery floor is sealed cement- all areas are accessible to wheelchair users. The NCCA office is located on the first floor of the building. Access is via the stairway in the gallery. If you are attending NCCA for a meeting with staff, we encourage you to advise us of your access requirements in advance. Meetings can be arranged downstairs or off-site. Click here to see our floorplan. Please note that NCCA uses temporary walls, which will change the format of the gallery and front desk for each exhibition.
  • Gallery conditions
    Please note that gallery conditions will vary depending on the current exhibition. If you have any access requirements, you are welcome to ring our friendly team on (08) 8981 5368 for a description of current gallery conditions, including seating, sound and light levels, and exhibition content. Please note that lighting and sound can be adjusted by that attending staff upon request. Seating: NCCA has light-weight portable seating with backrests available for use upon request. Sound levels: Exhibitions may feature sound played at varying volumes throughout the gallery. Light levels: The front entrance is glass, and therefore the gallery has some natural light. The lighting changes for each exhibition and can range from darkness (such as in the screening room, to very low light, coloured light, or fluorescent lighting. Temperature control: NCCA is fully air-conditioned.
  • Gallery amenities
    There are two gender neutral, single occupant toilets located at the rear of the gallery. The doors open inwards.


The Northern Centre for Contemporary Art acknowledges that accessibility is multifaceted. We acknowledge the range of barriers people face, including but not limited to: disability, race, sexuality, gender, class and an intersection of these things. We are committed to continually evaluating and improving our accessibility, and welcome your guidance and feedback. Download a pdf version of our Access Guide here.



NCCA Floorplan (Access).png
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