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Temporary Puddles Raise Discomfortable Questions

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Do I Seduce You?

Do I seduce you?

Tarzan JungleQueen is a multi-disciplinary, queer, non-binary artist living in Darwin. They bring together graphic art, word collage, photography, film, and screenprint to create works that deconstruct ideas of gender. Tarzan investigates their own body and gender journey with a distant lens – they find it erotic to be both the observer and the observed.

This exhibition ‘Do I seduce you?’ is a memoir piece that explores Tarzan’s experience as a queer-bodied human finding a voice. Sometimes there are no words or blurbs that can sum up the explosion of confusion that comes from within; the juices that need to leak out.

Do I seduce you? gives a queer voice to an unexplainable body

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