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A Meter Apart

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

NCCA presents a series of contemporary music recitals in our gallery in Parap. Curated by visual artist and musician, Mats Unden, this is a concert series  for listening. Listening to Darwin musicians who are experimenting with sound, tone, form and ways of making music. Deep and intimate listening, free from distractions, surrounded by the art on show at NCCA.

Have a look at the Facebook page.

The concerts are on Sunday afternoons at 4pm (doors open 3.30), every fortnight from October through to December.

FISH SLAPPA / Sunday 25 October, 4.00pm

Fish Slappa is the musical project of Darwin’s own Evan Keith. Fish Slappa’s music places an emphasis on the creation of music from its barest essentials, and tends to be made on only a single computer or device, often synthesised from scratch.

MISS POSSUM / Sunday 8 November, 4.00pm

Miss Possum is Humpty Doo-based producer, poet, violinist and vocalist, Gaia Osborne. Gaia weaves stories and reflections on how we ground ourselves and connect to each other and the world around us – using ethereal rap, with soaring violin and big bass beats.

APEIROGON: Tetrachromacy / Sunday 22 November, 4.00pm

Apeirogon is the pseudonym of composer Edward Williams, asusmed when producing electronic music – a devotee of experimental electronic music, contemporary classical, jazz and avant-garde, Apeirogon revels in genre ambiguity.

unden / Sunday 6 December, 4.00pm

Swedish sound artist and musician Mats Unden has called Darwin home for over a decade. With a passion for sound experimental music, he creates minimal electronica and ambient noise, performing live on piano and analogue synthesisers.

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