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Susannah Nelson

Susannah Nelson, also known as Susannah Nelson Nakamarra, is a senior Warramangu and Warlmanpa artist from Tennant Creek. She is one of the more prolific painters in recent years to emerge out of the visual arts centre/program through Barkly Regional Arts, often producing works which interpret Biblical episodes such as the Ascension of Jesus or the worship of the Golden Calf and which are distinguished by great economy of form and colour vibrancy.

Susannah’s charming Christmas Party painting appears to takes a more secular approach to the subject, imagining a feast at school, with schoolchildren seated round a food-laden table and Santa making an appearance with present in tow. Christmas Party showed in NCCA’s Boxset over Christmas (22 to 30 Dec) followed by a small selection of other recent paintings by Susannah in Gallery 1 as part of NCCA’s program of Saturdays in the Wet (31 Dec 2016 – Jan 2017).

Christmas party web

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