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Mouthfeel is a collection of five films curated by Megan Fizell exploring the mouth through its navigation, ingestion and expulsion of edible and non-edible substances. The films aim to evoke a synaesthetic response in the viewer, triggering the sense of taste and touch.

The films are produced and performed by four women artists and one husband-wife duo and include the following:


HILLERBRAND & MAGSAMEN, Coffee & Milk: Water Dance, 2005

HANNAH RAISIN, Rose Garden, 2009


NINA ROSS, The Foreignness of Language, 2011

Megan Fizell ( is a Sydney-based writer and curator who specialises in the representation of food in the visual arts. She holds a Master of Arts (Art Business) from Sotheby’s Institute of Art – London, a Bachelor of Arts (History of Art) from the University of Michigan, and is currently working on a Master of Arts (Art Theory) from the University of New South Wales researching the use of edible materials in arts practice. Fizell is the Gallery Manager at Brenda May Gallery, Sydney and her writing has appeared in Artlink, Ceramics Monthly, and Journal of Australian Ceramics among others. Previous curatorial projects include Sugar, Sugar (October 2013) and Art + Food: Beyond the Still Life (October 2012). Sugar, Sugar featured contemporary art made exclusively with sugar by ten female artists.

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