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I Virii

Something is growing in the Boxset: feral, spiral, fungal … ’tis the season.

I Virii imagines growth as both voluptuous and viral, realised through the artist’s characteristic crochet of (often) tough, tensile materials.

merran i virii web3

Merran Sierakowski is a Darwin-based artist who has worked across a variety of media (mainly print, sculpture, installation) over the past two decades, and who generally deals with current issues of environmental and humanitarian concern. She exhibits regularly in solo and group shows in Darwin, nationally and overseas and, among other achievements, has been a serial finalist in the former annual Togart Contemporary Art Award exhibition (2006-13). Her most recent solo exhibition, Not Waving … Drowning (an eco-marine-themed soft sculptural installation), showed at Nomad Art, Darwin, in May 2015.

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