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Contemporary Australian video art

Unco is a selection of recent video work by seven Australian artists/artist-duos showing in NCCA’s Screen Room. The selection is curated by Ian Haig, Senior Lecturer in Expanded Studio Practice, School of Art, RMIT University, Melbourne, and premiered at The Torrance Art Museum, Los Angeles, in August 2013. In tune with the Australian vernacular of its title (‘unco’ meaning ‘physically uncoordinated’), Unco ‘plays with the idea of wrong thinking, odd audio/visual pairings … ‘. ‘Many of the works’, writes Haig, ‘offer a re-reading and negotiate popular culture in different ways, providing a perverse and darkly humorous take on the worlds of contemporary screen culture’. Featuring the work of Soda Jerk, Ian Haig, Heath Franco, Emile Zile, Martine Corompt, Philip Brophy, and Deigo Ramirez. 

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