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Sometimes, Something

In Gallery 2, Sometimes, Something  will be a site-specific installation incorporating elements of mural painting, sculpture, and paintings in still life and portraiture. Sadat’s painting style references Indonesian traditions of decorative mural painting in which everyday subjects such as farm animals and edible plants are depicted, ‘reminding us’, states Sadat, ‘of the value of these things as giving life’. Similarly, Sadat’s work concerns itself with issues of consumption and ecological (im)balance, from the point of view of a (Jogja) city dweller and with a nod to a simple, sustainable life.

Sadat Laope is an early-career artist from Sulawesi and based in Jogyakarta, central Java, Indonesia. A graduate of the Indonesian Institute of Art (ISI, Jogjakarta, in 2007) with a major in printmaking, Sadat has held solo exhibitions at prominent Jogja art venues such as Kedai Kebun Forum, Indonesian Visual art Archive (IVAA), and the Jogja National Museum. He maintains a diverse practice through mediums including woodblock printing, drawing, painting, zine-making/artists books, and performance art. He is an active a member of the Jogja performance art group Performance Klub.

Sadat W1

Sadat Laope, ‘Sometimes, something’, 2015, installation detail, NCCArt

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