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A collaborative work between artists Michelle Culpitt (Darwin) and Annee Miron (Victoria), Burrow is inspired by a road trip from Alice Springs to Darwin taken by the artists in 2013. During the trip the artists were struck by the ‘blackened folds in the landscape that hinted at burrows’. Apart from Culpitt’s photographs partly serving as documentation of burrows and burrow-forms in the landscape, the artists also interpret the burrow more broadly as ‘an opening, a passage between the known and the unknown, both an archaeology and architecture of the places and spaces between, beyond and underneath’. (Artists’ statement, 2013) The exhibition, shown in NCCA’s Gallery 1, combines Miron’s sculptural installation (using found, woven cardboard) and Culpitt’s photography (including explorations into polymer and copperplate gravure photographic printing along with duratran and digital prints).

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