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The Ochre Cloak

In 2015 photographer and writer Peta Burton walked around Uluru 100 times in 30 days, photographing as as she went. 70 years earlier Burton’s Polish grandmother had held a similar interest in Uluru and had created a painting of the eastern side of the rock. Burton brings together her grandmother’s painting and her own work in a photographic-based installation capturing multi-generational impressions of Uluru.

Peta Burton has worked extensively in journalism (TV, print and radio). In 2014 she founded the Trek Series which saw her walk 1014km in 30 days from Cairns to Cape York and raise thousands of dollars for charity. Her Uluru walk began as the Adelaide to Darwin World Record Charity Trek which ended abruptly on its first day and eventually became a feat of bonding and endurance in the desert. The Ochre Cloak is also the name of Peta’s forthcoming book documenting her Uluru walk.

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