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NCCA and Dispatch exchange program.

Dispatch visual art exchange with NCCA, exhibiting work by NT artist Leanne Waterhouse | Solitary Cohabitation Revisited at Slot gallery in Sydney. Further information can be accessed through the following links at Slot and on the Dispatch website:

The exhibition will run from 18 August – 14 September.

Dispatch is a visual art exchange project between seven window gallery spaces across Australia. The project comprises a series of exchanges in which one space selects an artist to dispatch artwork to be exhibited in another space, and in return hosts an artist from another participating space. For each exhibition the host space will select a local writer to respond to the work. All artworks will simultaneously be exhibited on this dedicated website, along with this written response, to encourage engagement with every Dispatch exhibition around the country.

Leanne Waterhouse | Solitary Cohabitation Revisited

Leanne Waterhouse has lived and worked in the Northern Territory for the past 9 years and currently lives in Darwin. She works in a variety of media including photography, printmaking, textiles and new media. Her work is influenced by her direct environment and how an individuals environment can impact mental health and a sense of self. Solitary Cohabitation Revisited responds to Rorschach’s ink blot images and attempts to deconstruct thought patterns and common habits of the mind. ‘Reality is created by harmonics, physically manifest as mirror reflections of the soul’ Hermann Rorschach. These digital images represent the layers of thinking and the separation of thought, they are a personal interpretation of ways in which the mind has been examined in the past and the social experiments for the changing ideas we often seek to understand ourselves. It explores concepts of isolation, repeated thinking and over thinking. The idea that the mind is examined almost although it is a separation of self. Solitary Cohabitation Revisited was originally developed for NCCA’s Boxset. Solitary Cohabitation, consist of three large perspex digital images, the images have been reprinted, deconstruction and reconstruction to create a new installation that considers it’s new environment

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