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Cocoon of Prayers

Imagine The artist’s Levin A. Diatschenko durational performance at NCCA will be, living in a transparent dome for a month, with only one vegetarian meal a day, in full view of gallery visitors.

The artist will be meditating and repeating prayers and mantras. Each prayer and mantra, he will make a tally-stroke on paper, which he will then paste facing the exterior of the dome once each piece of paper is full. This will be repeated until the dome is completely covered with his prayers.

Following his holiday to Serbia, where he spent time meditating using marks on a pad with every repeated mantra ‘a version of prayer beads’ whiles fasting, the concept of a durational work bringing, ‘two opposing forces together’ was born, “One is a desire to leave the world and turn inwards and follow your mystic journey, and there’s the other force that makes you want to participate in the world and be in a community.

Levin will be working with filmmaker Lukas Bendel who will be filming the performance with a 360-degree camera and live streaming it.

The artist will present an artist talk and debrief when he comes out of the dome on Saturday 23 February 12 noon.

When: Friday 25th January- Saturday 23rd February

Opening: Friday 25th January 6pm

Artist talk: 23rd  February 12 noon



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