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'Unbordering Worlds' Exhibition Catalogue

'Unbordering Worlds' Exhibition Catalogue

To document the extraordinary project ‘Unbordering Worlds: New Narratives for Northern Kosovo’, we have produced an accompanying catalogue. It tells the story of how two artists began to reclaim the river Ibër, long recognised as a no-mans-land in the conflict between Serbians and Albanians.


The publication includes a foreword by Hedwig Fijen, Director of the European Biennial of Contemporary Art (Manifesta), and curatorial texts from Petrit Abazi, project curator. With contributions from Stanislava Pinchuk, Piers Greville, Catherine Nichols, J. Creswell, Bogdan Bogdanović, and Nora Prezaki including writing, poetry and stunning photo documentation of the monumental project. 


This project, exhibition and publication were created by the Northern Centre for Contemporary Art, with the support of Australia Council for the Arts, 



Stanislava Pinchuk

Piers Greville



Petrit Abazi


Foreword, Hedwig Fijen

Introduction, Petrit Abazi

Sometimes the River is the Bridge, Catherine Nichols

A Broken Heart for a Mended Bridge, Petrit Abazi

Bogdan Bogdanović in Conversation with Alexandre Mirlesse 

On Europe Without Monuments, Petrit Abazi

As You Name the Boat, So Too Shall it Float, Stanislava Pinchuk

Photo Essay: Europe Without Monuments, Marcello Maranzan

On What Is Here, Petrit Abazi

Piers Greville in Conversation with Jonathon Cresswell

A Swim Is As Good As a Bridge, Piers Greville

Photo Essay: What Is Here, Marcello Maranzan

To Love Water, Nora Prekazi

List of Works, Further Reading



The book:

80 pages
240 x 170 mm

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