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Murrŋiny: a story of metal from the east

7 August - 25 September

Presented by Salon Art Projects in association with Northern Centre for Contemporary Art and Buku-Larrŋgay Mulka Centre Hit by shotguns, burnt by dry season fires, rusted by monsoonal rain – discarded signs litter Territory roadsides. The power of the rules and warnings they once shouted have faded like their glossy reflective paint. A group of seven Yolŋu artists from Yirrkala have come to rescue, recycle and rework these battered warriors in new ways. Murrŋiny is the Yolŋu word for steel. It is also the name by which this nation was known by its neighbours and the first Europeans who encountered them. This name references the shovel-nosed spears made here since pre-Cook times. With this exhibition old signs are new again.