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Gonzo Décor – Hunting Trophies (Southern Windows series)

Artist talk: 11am, Saturday 15 November, NCCA Adelaide-based Ben Leslie presents sculptural installation in the Boxset as part of André Lawrence’s SouthernWindows series of window gallery-based exhibitions, placing the work of exceptional emerging South Australian artists in the NT. The project’s curator, André Lawrence, is from the NT and currently based in Adelaide. Lawrence states: ‘The premise for this series of exhibitions, while inherently tied to my own identity as a part-Northern Territorian, was also founded in a desire to uncover and explore past relationships between the NT and SA in order to develop future ones’. Leslie is an emerging artist and sculptor, and Director of Operations at Fontanelle Gallery & Studios, Adelaide. His bold sculptural forms often take tropes from monumentalism, animalism and the formless, spurred by informed and often humorous responses to art theoretical ideas and writing. The production/installation of this work has been assisted by the Helpmann Academy, Adelaide.