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21 March 2018

Fertile Worlds


“Fecund aims to point out how deep the relationship between humans and the natural world is.”

Announced as the inaugural SPARK NT Curator in September 2017, Katherine based curator Clare Armitage presents Fecund: Fertile Worlds.

Showcasing contemporary artists from across the NT and Australia, Fecund is an exhibition that explores life, death and desire. It celebrates the intrinsically optimistic nature of growth. It evokes the natural landscape, reproductive cycles and sex, and acknowledges the resilience of life, the interconnectedness of living systems and the will to exist.

Fecund brings together a diverse array of art forms to conjure a visceral experience of the world we inhabit.

The SPARK Emerging NT Curator program is an Artback NT initiative that fosters critical and curatorial practice, facilitated in partnership with Araluen Arts Centre, NCCA, GYRAAC, Nyinkka Nyunyu and MAGNT.

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