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Cruise Control: Indonesian – Top End Artists’ Camp exhibition

In Gallery 2 and Screen Room is Peach Blossom Spring | Cacotopia, an international group exhibition which addresses life in the digital age – fecund with imaginary potential but mired at the same time in environmental decay. Each of the eight exhibiting artists uses digital media in varying ways – largely through film, photography and printing – to negotiate meaning and generate critical enquiry within this shared global terrain. Key to their aesthetic investigations is a belief in the role of art to challenge and shape social identity, across cultural and national lines and as an active visual encounter. The eight artists operate from various cities around the globe: Darwin, Sydney, Portugal, Beijing, London, while the exhibition’s curator, Reg Newitt, has been largely based in Beijing over the past decade. An expanded version of the exhibition will run concurrently at Kui Yuan Gallery, Guangzhou, China, 22 November to 28 December 2014. Artists: Jayne Dyer, Andy Holden, Bu Hua, Gary Lee, James Newitt, Wayne Warren, Jason Wing, Wang Zhiyuan The dual-exhibition project has been produced with assistance from the Copyright Agency Limited Cultural Fund, Australia.