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Continuum (Part I and Part II)

Showing in the Screen Room is Continuum, a new two-part video artwork by Melbourne-based artist Ash Keating whose decade-long practice deploying street, performance and public art has resulted in exhibitions and residencies throughout Australia and internationally. Part I, the shorter video (2min:26secs), was filmed at a wind farm while Part 2 is set between two specific sites in the Mildura region: at the southern hemisphere’s newest and largest solar photovoltaic installation, and at the lunette formations (a delicate, erodiing prehistoric landscape) in the ancient dry Lake Mungo National Park. Continuum presents a recurring movement/dance piece (performed by Lilian Steiner) through these sites, shot at varied times of the day. The video cultivates a meditative experience which ‘explores the notion of prolonged time through an alluring image of slow continuous human presence’.