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Blak Power: 50 Years of First Nations Superheroes in Australian Art

12 August - 23 September 2023

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first modern Aboriginal superhero, featured in the ABC series Basically Black (also the first TV program written and created by Indigenous Australians), NCCA presents Blak Power, a group exhibition bringing together more than a dozen First Nations artists that work with the theme of Blak superheroes. Notions of identity and supernatural forces in popular Blak culture are considered through comics, illustration, graffiti, painting, printmaking, sculpture, film, animation and photography. Covering five decades, Blak Power features both historical and contemporary works. In addition to early works of art and documents through loan agreements with Aboriginal owned and operated art centres, artists, galleries and museums, NCCA has commissioned new works from artists living in local, regional, remote as well as metropolitan areas. This project is supported by a Northern Territory Regional Arts grant.