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Banksia and Feathertop Grass

Banksia and Feathertop Grass is an artwork from a series of work collectively titled The Paper Series, for which Body hand-makes paper from found plant fibres and then films the paper over a time period of 24 hours. This process results in the video and its subject exhibited side-by-side as a memory of the artist’s process, and in line with Body’s overall work which seeks to memorialise the artist’s past-present body within creative process and action. Body is a Sydney-based (Darwin-bred) artist. A Master of Fine Arts graduate from the UNSW College of Fine Arts, she has been awarded studio residencies in Spain and Sydney, and is currently artist-in-residence at the Sydney TAFE Institute, St George School of Art. Body has exhibited her work at numerous commercial and public contemporary art galleries in Hobart, Sydney and Melbourne. Her work for NCCA’s Boxset is part of Dispatch, a national exchange project between nine window gallery spaces, and was sent from Branch3D in Sydney