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Annual Members' Exhibition: 24Hr Art

24 November - 17 December 2022

24 Hour Art

NCCA's highly anticipated Annual Members' Show returns in 2022. This year's theme pays homage to NCCA’s beginnings as 24Hr Art. Make something using 24 hours- however you may interpret that. Whether its 24 hours total, within a 24-hour window, for 24 hours straight, only during the 24th hour of the day, or something else entirely. Help us celebrate our 30th year in Parap, with art around the clock.



Andy  Smith   

Robert Mariotti   

Aengus  Munro   

Valanti Patmios   

Gary Lee   

Maurice O'Riordan   

Christine  Burarrwanga   

Christian  Bok   

Anne-Marie Cullinan   

Glynis Lee   

Ioanna Thymiandis   

Karen  Fletcher   

Linda Joy   

Mark Simpson   

David  Kerr   

Natalie  Vidgen   

Annie  Gastin   

Anna Reynolds   

Sadat Laope   

David  Henry   

Angie  Soares   

Aaron Moore   

Ian Hance 

Keith Goldsmith   

Amy  Milajew   

Dennis Bezzant   

Virginia Close   

Ynes Sanz   

Gaye Coyne  

Sonia  Martignon  

Marilyn  Whelan  

Dawn Beasley  

Craig  Smith   

Jake Fitzsimmons 

Nancy  Lane  

Christian  Clare-Robertson  

Ned  Roberts 

Leah Clarke 

Catherine Miles   

Bill Davies   

Jemima  Saunders   

Debbie Walters    

Elizabeth  Martin   

Franck  Gohier   

Eve  Pawlik   

Jo Boniface  

Alison  Dowell   

Split/Shift  Press   

Georgia Hayward   

Pennyrose Wiggins   

Alessandro Bellomunno  

 Dylan  Owen   

Max Bowden   

Yam Chew Oh   

Rosemaree Ludlow   

Merlin Friend?   

Kate Bussey   

Jing Jin   

Winsome Jobling   

Geoff Sharples   

Emma Stocker


Kate Land