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Saturdays in the Wet

Saturdays in the Wet was NCCA’s offering during our 1-month ‘shutdown’ period, with the gallery open on Saturdays to coincide with Parap Market, and with work showing in Gallery 1 and the Boxset (31 Dec 2016 – 28 Jan 2017).

Gallery 1 included Amina McConvell’s wall painting/mural: Exploded Stuff – The Meaning Attributed to Identity is Fleeting (For Sadat Laope); a selection of paintings by senior Tennant Creek artist Susannah Nelson, and ABC journalist Conor Byrne’s SS Opposition boat made from campaign placards. The Boxset was graced by Mandala series 1, a suite of six paintings by Darwin-based artist Daniel Coloe.

Conor Byrne is producer/presenter for breakfast/morning shows at ABC Radio Darwin (105.7). He is a graduate in journalism (Masters) from the Dublin Institute of Technology, and a graduate in technology (wood science, wood products/pulp and paper technology) from the University of Limerick; Daniel Coloe is a largely self-taught artist from Melbourne who is currently based in Darwin. He is primarily a painter and has also worked as a tattoo artist; Amina McConvell is an early-career Darwin-based artist with an experimental, research-based practice often expressed through large-scale sculptural installations which combine mural painting with drawing and sculpture. More recent examples have also included sound and light as with her 2015 solo exhibition Colour Masses in the Fourth Dimension at Tactile Arts, Darwin (sound collaboration with Mats Undén). Susannah Nelson, also known as Susannah Nelson Nakamarra, is a senior Warramangu and Warlmanpa artist from Tennant Creek. She is one of the more prolific painters in recent years to emerge out of the visual arts centre/program through Barkly Regional Arts (BRA).

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