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Present Tense – Tennant Creek Mens’ Centre Art

Public programs: Artist panel, Saturday 12 August 1pm; other public programs tba.

This is an exhibition of experimental paintings/2D works by participants in an art therapy program for Aboriginal men in Tennant Creek;

The program was run by Anyinginyi Health’s Piliyintinji-ki Stronger Families Men’s Centre and facilitated by Melbourne/NT-based artist Rupert Betheras.

Artists (working list): Rupert Betheras, Fabian Brown, George Butler, Scott Butler, Marcus Camphoo, Jeremiah Curtis, Timothy Dickson, Bradley Duggie, David Duggie, Danny Frank, Alfred Lauder, Elton Limbian, Neville Murphy, James Nelson, Merlin Newcastle, Fabian Rankine, Eddie Small, Kevin Shannon, Joseph Williams, Simon Wilson.

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