Can You Hear My Voice?

The curatorial research for Can you hear my voice? began through conversations with Kashmiri artist and VCA PhD candidate Moonis Shah whilst on a field trip in India in early 2019, when a group of staff and students from Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) visited Delhi and Kochi.

Although I am Indian born and have been back many times, these conversations profoundly impacted my awareness of the complexities associated with notions of language, memory and national imagination. Returning to India a year later, this time travelling on to Pakistan my interest in how these themes can be discussed through contemporary art deepened. Nuanced and poetic, the works of Bushra Mir (Kashmir India), Huma Mulji (Karachi Pakistan), Moonis Ahmad Shah (Kashmir India), Mubashir Niyaz (Kashmir India) and Gramart Project (Madya Pradesh India) address some of the socio-political and metaphoric aspects of borders and ownership within the region.

Dr David Sequeiras
Exhibition Curator

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Bushra Mir I Huma Mulji I Mubashir Niyaz I Gram Art Project I Moonis Ahmad Shah


Dr David Sequeira