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We Eat We Are

1 May - 29 May

'We Eat We Are' celebrates food as a form of social sculpture that unites, nourishes and renews. The lives we live through food define our imaginary, making sense of our desires, ideals and practices as a society. Often hidden in plain sight, these are the spaces and time-valued traditions that gurgle in a pot or ripen in the sun. When we eat, we consume glocally: linking into the global and local food webs while revelling in our own sense of place.



Christine Joy Barzaga,

Bao Vi Truong,

Siying Zhou,

Janice Pungautiji,

Michelle Woody,

Kaye Brown,

Raelene Lampuwatu,

Mulkun Wirrpanda,

Betty Wanapuyngu,

Cindy Jinmarabynana,

Lilian Joshua,

Virginia Wilfred,

Tracey Moffatt,

Sarah Pirrie,

Emma Lupin,

Simon Cooper,

Christine Joy Barzaga,

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